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Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing 

Aerospace continues to be one of Southern California’s leading industries and the same is true in Santa Clarita. Several local companies have secured government contracts and provide high-paying jobs for the local and regional skilled workforce, including:

Digital Media and Entertainment

Santa Clarita is quickly becoming a hub for the entertainment industry, and is home to prominent film studios and gaming companies such as:

Bio-Tech and Medical Devices 

Some of biomedical’s most noteworthy developments have been discovered and engineered in Santa Clarita. Our evolving network of partnerships supports a strong infrastructure for industry training resulting in a talented workforce. Prominent bio-tech companies based in Santa Clarita include:

Advanced Manufacturing 

From the production of electronics to engines to industrial machinery, Santa Clarita is home to many businesses that involve advanced inputs and manufacturing processes, including:

Information Technology 

Our City hosts several information technology firms that specialize in telecommunications, computer design, data processing and hosting, and software publishing, such as:

Corporate and Professional Services & Corporate Headquarters 

Companies from a diverse range of sectors and sizes choose Santa Clarita as a home base. These are a few companies who call Santa Clarita home: