Award-winning Santa Clarita Business Incubator thriving

Almost five years ago, the Santa Clarita Business Incubator opened its doors with a mission to help local entrepreneurs groom their cutting-edge ideas and connect them to resources to help their businesses thrive. The idea being that participating companies would put down roots, grow and flourish in the Santa Clarita Valley, ultimately adding high-quality jobs to the community. This vision is being realized, as several companies have graduated from the program, new high tech jobs have been created, the businesses have chosen to remain in Santa Clarita after graduation and they continue to be successful.  Last month, the Santa Clarita Business Incubator was proud to recognize tenant, Acqubit, for graduating the program early.  Formerly known as 3D-SensIR, Acqubit designs, builds and offers handheld smart 3D LIDAR camera systems that transform reality into photorealistic 3D models directly onsite.


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