What is Thinkquarium?

The name “Thinkquarium” comes from the idea that, essentially, we are a think tank… only, our ideas are so awesome that they don’t fit in a tank, so we had to upgrade to a “quarium.”

Our driving purpose is to deliver engaging and entertaining stories to the world.  What makes us unique is that we’ve taken the traditional process of developing stories for film and television, and built a business model around it that uses every part of the process to feed content into emerging multimedia technologies.  In other words, we’re using every part of the Buffalo to make money, not just selling the hide. 

Essentially, the company is focused on a central question: when Hollywood has become almost entirely focused on producing ONLY pre-established properties (such as books, graphic novels, comics, toys, etc.)… how do you get an original script produced?

Our answer: turn the original script concept into a pre-established property.

Thinkquarium will do this by creating a “multi-market product life-span” for each of our concepts, using our unique and revolutionary business model to capitalize on the paradigm shift that is taking place in the entertainment industry and mobile technology.

What is the Entertainment Paradigm Shift?

With mobile technologies having completely changed everything in our society on a fundamental level (not just in entertainment, but in how we run our lives), digital entertainment products are becoming commodities as valuable (or even more valuable) than traditional tangible products like toys, games, etc.  Plus, because there are so many mobile devices out there with one-click purchasing capability, digital products have a broad reach to millions of distribution points… instantly upon debut. 

Therefore, it is easier than ever (and more cost effective) to create digital entertainment products (graphic novels, games, story books, audio plays, etc.) of an original story concept in order to establish the “brand” of that concept — without Hollywood’s hands all over it.

Furthermore, by establishing the concept in less expensive markets (like the App Store and Google Play) and creating buzz through social media platforms to build a fan base, you can then take hard data to the studios when selling the script version of the concept, and show them why they would be foolish to pass up the script.

And because the concept is pre-established, the script automatically sells for more money — plus we retain the rights to any existing products we’ve created for that concept.  That’s the beauty of Thinkquarium’s entertainment concept design model.

What is entertainment concept design?

Stories can be experienced in so many ways.  A story product has a multitude of places in which it can be distributed — various technology platforms spanning many market categories.  Therefore, our approach is to create the core story concept, and then design ways for that concept to be used in various forms of entertainment, across multiple platforms, in multiple markets.

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