Gapless Solutions LLC has developed GapZap™, a platform that allows for rapid development of custom business tools that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and other data-driven applications. GapZap makes enterprise level functionality available and affordable to small businesses.

Most small businesses start with applications like QuickBooks and Excel to manage their daily operations and quickly outgrow these tools. As new needs arise, gaps between the available and existing tools begin to form.

GapZap is here to zap these gaps. The platform integrates with existing systems without the need to migrate data and re-train employees, minimizing most risks associated with switching to a new system.

Features such as advanced inventory management, forecasting, employee time-tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), mobile sales, custom reporting and dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI), time tracking, and other internal workflows can be developed using GapZap in a short period of time and at a fraction of the cost of a typical development project.

GapZap is role-based, meaning that every user only sees what is relevant to their function in the company, by that increasing data security and reducing the need for training. GapZap is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly so that companies can focus on managing their businesses instead of software.

GapZap can be implemented on a feature-by-feature basis and be up and running within weeks, making companies more efficient from day one.

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