Industry Overview

With a strong business infrastructure set at the crossroads of Los Angeles, Ventura and Kern Counties, Santa Clarita is within easy reach of the western United States and the Pacific Rim, offering opportunities for businesses to work easily with companies around the globe.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace continues to be one of Southern California’s leading industries and the same is true in Santa Clarita. Several local companies have secured government contracts providing high-paying jobs for local and regional skilled workforce.

A sampling of Santa Clarita Aerospace Manufacturing Businesses include:


Some of biomedical’s most noteworthy developments have been discovered and engineered in Santa Clarita. Our evolving network of partnerships support a strong infrastructure for industry training resulting in a talented workforce.

A sampling of Santa Clarita’s leading Bio-Medical Businesses include:


With more than 20 sound stages and a dozen movie ranches including the proposed Disney/ABC Studios at the Ranch project, Santa Clarita is one of the 30-miles zone’s most filmed locations/backlots. Home to nearly a dozen TV shows and hundreds of film days annually, the film industry remains one of the top four targeted sectors in Santa Clarita. Additionally, Santa Clarita has found a distinctiveIndustryOverview niche in the gaming industry, further expanding our entertainment base. Featuring companies such as award-winning WayForward Technologies, Santa Clarita is quickly becoming a hub for the entertainment industry. For information on Filming in Santa Clarita, visit

A sampling of Santa Clarita Entertainment
Businesses include:


From building engines for Indy cars to creating UV technology solutions and more, Santa Clarita provides a fresh and innovative environment for technology-related businesses to prosper. In collaboration with local partners, Santa Clarita offers extensive career training in technology to better prepare the future workforce for growth of the technology industry.

A sampling of Santa Clarita Technology Businesses include:

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