Business Testimonials

“Quest Diagnostics has a beautiful state of the art clinical laboratory located in heart of Santa Clarita. We love the location for our business and enjoy participating in many community events; especially those closely aligned with our mission to help doctors reliably diagnose complex diseases.” ~ Pat O’Brien, Managing Director, Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute Valencia

“We’re thankful to the City of Santa Clarita for their support and commitment to a business-friendly environment, which was an important factor in our decision to remain based here. One of the key reasons we located to Santa Clarita in the first place was the quality of life for our employees and we’re happy this will continue.” ~ Alan Buckelew, President and CEO, Princess Cruises

It is no accident that Santa Clarita is one of the #1 places to do business in the entire country.” ~ Larry Green, Senior Vice President, Westfield

“I have been doing business in Southern California for more than a decade and moving my company to Santa Clarita was one of the best decision I’ve made to date. I have seen firsthand the differences in doing business here versus other parts of Los Angeles, from the support I’ve received from the business community to the many free trainings and business tax savings programs available, like the Enterprise Zone. I feel informed, empowered, and inspired here and believe the City’s commitment to supporting business gives me enthusiasm and the strength to keep growing my company and moving toward the promise of tomorrow.” ~ Patricia Gracia, President/PR Director, Power Media Group

“Princess Cruises had very aggressive growth plans and chose to relocate its global headquarters to the City of Santa Clarita because it was a cost effective location with access to talented employees from surrounding areas.” ~ Jan Swartz, VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Princess Cruises

“Advanced Bionics chose to relocate its corporate offices and more than 350 employees to Santa Clarita because of its business-friendly practices, cost saving programs, and expedited permitting process, which helped us get into our new facility in three months.” ~ Jim Eby, Vice President of Operations, Advanced Bionics

“The Use Tax Incentive Program provided us the opportunity to save a significant amount of money in permit fees that we can then use to reinvest in our business and the community.”
~ Bill Barrit, Chief Financial Officer, Aerospace Dynamics International

“We choose Santa Clarita for our headquarters because I grew up here. I knew the schools, the community. I knew all of the benefits of being able to live here, play here, close proximity to everything else and the great job market. It met all the criteria.”
Dale Donohoe, President, Intertex Companies

“With over 22 brands, Santa Clarita has emerged as one of Southern California’s largest auto centers. The city has been a long standing partner of the Santa Clarita Valley Auto Dealers Association and we’re proud to be an integral part of this growing community.”
~ Don Fleming, President, Santa Clarita Valley Auto Dealers Association

“…there’s a lot of support in the area and so many locations; we’ve got all the benefits of Hollywood [in Santa Clarita].” ~ Keiren Fisher, Senior Director of Production, Nickelodeon

“Santa Clarita actually gets it – the Santa Clarita Film Office is a shining star in my networking group… [They are] keeping residents happy while bringing in business.” ~ Amy Lemisch, California Film Commission

“The Alfred E. Mann companies chose Santa Clarita as the ideal location to do business. Santa Clarita offers all the amenities we need to attract the top people in their fields to work in our high tech environment. Located in a park-like campus setting on 160 acres, the Alfred E. Mann Foundation and Advanced Bionics Corporation employ over 800 employees, and, plans are underway to relocate more Mann companies in the near future.” ~ John DelRusso, Vice President of Real Estate Operations, Mann Biomedical Park

“Santa Clarita is a very business-friendly City. The rents are good and there really isn’t congestion. It’s a nice place to live and work.” ~ Bradley W. Spahr, CEO, Specialty Motors

“From day one, [HPD] was treated great by Santa Clarita City management and we immediately felt welcomed and part of the community. The quality of life here is just terrific and Santa Clarita also has a wealth of suppliers and services we require for our business.”
~ Robert Clarke, Honda Performance Development (HPD)

“We felt that overall we could put a better show together in Santa Clarita than anywhere else. That took into account all aspects of the show, from casting and production to post production. Santa Clarita was the best location.” ~ Bob Lemchen, Senior VP of Production on The Riches, Fox Television Studios

“We moved to Santa Clarita to capitalize on three main competitive advantages – the absence of city business taxes, the talented and cost effective work force, and the many quality of life benefits available to our employees. The City of Santa Clarita is a results-driven city with a proven track record for Economic Development – it’s a perfect match for us.” ~ John Shaffery, Managing Partner, Poole & Shaffery, LLP.

“I have worked in this industry for over 33 years, establishing relationships with every municipality in all major film states. From New York to Chicago, San Diego and Florida, the Santa Clarita Valley is the friendliest city, bar none. You just can’t compare how friendly this city is. Our city council, businesses and residents are so supportive and they welcome the film industry with open arms.”
~ Mike DeLorenzo, President/Partner, Santa Clarita Studios

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